Performed on a bracelet, necklace or ring, this service consists of increasing or reducing the size of the item as much as possible. It involves a series of meticulous and delicate operations.

Performed by a Cartier specialist jeweler, the service includes the following operations:

  • The diagnosis;
  • The adjustment of the size:
  • For rings, the jeweler opens up the body of the ring using a miniature saw. He removes or adds a piece of metal, and then, using tweezers, reassembles the two separated parts.
  • In the case of a chain or a piece of jewelry with links, the adjustment is performed by removing or adding links before reassembling the whole.
  • The cleaning of the piece of jewelry, particularly its less accessible parts, by immersion in an ultrasonic tank filled with lukewarm soapy water. All jewelry creations may be subjected to ultrasound treatment, except for those containing emeralds, pearls and certain other gems that are considered too delicate.
  • Rhodium plating: to reinforce the whiteness and brilliance of white gold, it is sometimes covered with a fine layer of rhodium, a rare precious metal of the platinum family.

This operation consists of the following stages:

  • Before polishing, the remaining layer of rhodium is removed so as to obtain a naked surface to which the new layer can be applied;
  • After polishing, the immersion of the piece of jewelry in a rhodium bath to deposit a new fine layer of metal on the surface of the white gold.
  • A technical and aesthetic inspection is carried out in accordance with Cartier quality criteria.

Please note that during the polishing process a fine layer of metal is removed. This is why we recommend you not to have this service carried out more than twice in the lifetime of a piece of jewelry made of white or yellow gold. It should also be noted that certain deep scratches cannot be removed. Please also note that it is technically impossible to polish white gold so as to give it a black finish.